Ark RAIN Wildlife Sanctuary
Giving Tree 2017
Ark RAIN Wildlife Sanctuary
Giving Tree 2017
$25 donation (10 red ornaments still needed)
$30 donation  (9 bags of food still needed)
$50 donation (9 stockings still needed)
$75 donation (4 bells still needed)
$100 donation (18 single presents still needed)
$250 donation (3 double presents still needed)
$10 donation (25 small presents still needed)
$1500 donation (1 star still needed)
Please help us reach our goal to raise $12,500 to care for the 60 resident
animals at the sanctuary this winter 2017!   
All donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated!
Ark RAIN Wildlife Sanctuary  Federal Tax ID 20-1437688
Another great way to help the animals and its FREE!
You can help raise funds for FREE for the Ark RAIN animals
each time you shop online at over 1950 of your favorite
stores.  Just click the link below for more details.
Giving Tree 2017 Donors
Thank you all so much!!!
$5 donation (13 orange ornaments still needed)
$500 donation (4 triple presents still needed)
$20 donation (6 purple ornaments still needed)
$1000 donation (5 large gifts still needed)
Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife Sanctuary , Tax ID. 20-1437688, 1721 Coburn RD , Brownsville, TN. 38012, 1-512-843-2797
Please show your love and kindness to the 60 Ark R.A.I.N. Wildlife Sanctuary animal residents with a tax deductible
donation today of any size today! With every donation, an ornament will be placed on or a present placed under our Virtual
Giving Tree!  All donations are for animal food, supplies, medical care, winterizing habitats and sanctuary expenses.
We appreciate your love for the animals by donating!
Happy Holidays!
Number in (   ) is how many of each ornament or present still needed to reach our funding
goal to care for all the rescue animals this winter.  Each $ amount represents 1 ornament
or present.  Thank you for caring and sharing!
Helping Animals In Need
Helping Animals In Need
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